Top 3 Most Popular Variants Of Poker in 2022

So, after learning the game play of poker, you have finally decided to master your skills. Fret not because this post elucidates the nitty-gritties of the three most popular poker games of 2022. In this post, you will learn about the most prominent poker variants. So, let’s get started.

#1 Texas Holdem

The first one on this list is the Texas Hold’em game. Calling Texas Holdem poker the number 1 popular poker type is not an exaggeration. Top global poker tournaments, like the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour feature this no-limit version. Thus, it is recommended for each player to learn the game.

While talking about Texas Hold’em, every player deals with two cards that face down. These are popular as hole cards. After this, a total of five cards get dealt in the phases to the table’s middle in three stages. After that, they face up for everyone. These are the community cards also significant as the board.

The Texas Hold’em game comprises multiple phases having the betting round right in between every phase. This game can conclude at any point in time, wherever and whenever one player is left.

  • Pre-flop stage: every player gets dealt with the “hole cards”
  • Flop stage: Here, around three cards get revealed as a part of the “board”
  • Turn stage: The fourth card gets revealed as the part of the board
  • River stage: The fifth card gets revealed as the part of the board
  • Showdown phase: Every player remaining compare the hands and determine the ultimate winner

The prime objective of this game is to use five community cards on “the board,” along with the “hole cards” in order to build the hand. The most favorable combination of five cards will win this game.

#2 Seven-Card Stud

Even before Texas Hold’em gained prominence, the seven-card stud became a popular poker variation. Thus, it’s called a classic or traditional form of poker game. And it still holds immense popularity amongst players. That’s the reason the 7-card stud has made it to the top 3 list of poker games in 2022.

This game is different from the remaining two variants. The obvious difference is a lack of community cards. Besides, the 7-card stud is like any other poker game. It comprises multiple phases where every player gets dealt cards during every phase.

The game opens with two cards dealing face down as “hole cards.” It’s followed by the 3rd card that faces up. After this, the first betting round starts, where players need to decide whether they need to fold or just proceed.

Similarly to Texas Hold’em with only 2 “hold cards,” a good starting hand is very important. For newer players, it’s highly advisable not to attempt playing too many starting hands.

That’s why it is common to check players cutting the losses by folding when they get a poor starting hand. For the ones who proceed to the following stage, the fourth card gets dealt that faces up.

Likewise, with any other poker game, the most favorable combination of five cards will win the game.

#3 Omaha

In Omaha poker, some rules of Texas Hold’em are applied. A few say that Omaha is the course to overtake the Texas Hold’em game. Here, every player gets dealt with four “hole cards” rather than two at their beginning phase, making the hand needs two “hole cards” & three cards from “the board.”

Other aspects remain the same. The showdown phase is where a majority of rookie makes maximum mistakes. Since it is necessary to use two “hole cards” and the three remaining from “the board,” people undermine the importance of this rule, making a wrong hand.

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